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Each of our products is made with craftsmanship and a unique and personal design created by the artist Doron Zeevi, a Shenkar graduate.

Zeevi’s Judaica items are manufactured and processed using unique textile methods and techniques, based on rich knowledge and experience in the textile fields.

Challah covers, bags for prayer shawls and tefillin, prayer shawls and crowns and other relics of the Jewish home are designed and printed with touches of tissue and inlay of stones that allow each person to connect to tradition in the traditional Jewish or nostalgic family aspect.

Excerpts from hymns and piyyutim from the prayers, a collection of “Happy New Year” postcards from Zeevi’s childhood – all of these and more serve as inspiration for the work and allow us a special connection to the works; A bridge to the world of Judaism, of nostalgia and to the world of Jewish symbols that influence Zeevi’s works.

The most beloved

הסטודיו מתמחה בהתאמה אישית של העיצוב לכל לקוח: פרוכות, מעילים לספרי תורה, חופות מעוצבות וכן פריטי טקסטיל ייחודיים לכבוד מאורע משפחתי.

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